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Stressed? Read THIS book…

to sublimate your essential powerlessness… Continue reading

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Do something new, then get corrected yourself

Under a p.c. exterior, I’m pretty much an ‘A’ student, competitive and want to be instantly good at everything.  Any sisters reading this? Not news to you, and I’m really sorry by the way! So getting an article back that’s … Continue reading

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Cut-out Characters to Start a Story (or your first best seller)

I just read Anne Lamott’s entertaining and inspiring “Bird by Bird – some instructions on writing and life” and particularly love her idea of starting by looking at the world of your story through a 1″frame, just a little at … Continue reading

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Smorgasbord Scheduling

A flutter of to-do lists all over my desk. It’s getting overwhelming. Maybe I should do er, just 1 thing at a time. Like take my own advice? But I have the same bad girl inside that was me at … Continue reading

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Don’t get mad, get a letter to the editor, grrr!

I’m done with being shocked and appalled on all kinds of issues. I’m going to turn into one of the editor’s headaches – always bloody writing in! And I don’t care, I’m 50 🙂 It took me 5 minutes to … Continue reading

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