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Advice on Advice… =0?

I’m a teacher. Advising kids on how to study, what to study, how to plan projects, how to cope with parents breaking up and friendships going bad. It’s what I do day by day. So it’s tempting to take it … Continue reading

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String – the answer to life.

My plants get brave, then they can’t help it any longer, they wilt, they cry in little, plant-y desperation and finally, finally, I get round to watering them in the nick of time, as they go into Stokes-Cheyne transpiration patterns. … Continue reading

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I’m trying to waste less food.

25% of perfectly good food is wasted each year in the US. (US waste more food than offshore drilling in this week’s New Scientist). It’s so much that just reducing this would remove the need for offshore drilling in the … Continue reading

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Be curious. Ask more questions…

Listen, observed – expected = gaps -> being curious… Then listen and repeat. Continue reading

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Find what’s working instead of what’s broken…

Reading “Switch – when change is hard” by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. Was electrified to see this lovely idea “Finding the Bright Spots” outlined, and as stories filled with hope, in a world of problems. Here’s how it works: … Continue reading

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