Visualize Biking up Big Hills…

Of course it’s a metaphor. But also real. I really like riding up hills, almost as strange as actually sort of enjoying reading physics text books. And so connected – lots of downhill force to over come, tiny, weak little legs providing just barely enough uphill force to creak the bike imperceptibly upwards. And then naturally, friction. I blame that mainly.

I used to like riding and then I got bored and out of the habit. I do remember having great thinks on my bike, and being deliciously tired afterwards, then cheerful and energized with new ideas.

So what the (*&^ happened?

I guess I stopped imagining the ride and thinking about the how, where and when of the next challenge.

Visualization is a very effective coaching strategy for athletes, so I’m going to start imagining starting and FINISHING the climb up Bear Creek and the lovely bumpety-bump ride down the trail to Tilden Park after. Then I’ll imagine making it to the top of Mt Diablo, turn by turn, winding up through the tawny blonde hills early one Saturday morning not too long from now.

Imagine yourself a small step toward something you know you’d really like to do. And then you’ll be half way there…


About Sue Boudreau

Sue Boudreau, 7 and 8th grade science teacher and still loving it after 33 years. My mission is to empower young people to use science-centered project based learning to make a difference in the world.
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