String – the answer to life.

My plants get brave, then they can’t help it any longer, they wilt, they cry in little, plant-y desperation and finally, finally, I get round to watering them in the nick of time, as they go into Stokes-Cheyne transpiration patterns. Clearly, unless I want to spend my summers in a haze of self-induced guilt, I have to put in a drip system.

Considering I have actually taught project management, this couldn’t be too hard, right? But I just couldn’t get motivated with the tape measure and diagram dealie. Then getting tangled up in tubing and going What the @$%^$%! and all the money ending up in another heap in the shed.

The answer is string and sticks, thanks to my dear friend Patty. She laid out her drip system with different colors of yarn, with popsicle sticks where there were branches on the ground, in her actual garden. Now THAT sounds like fun. I could do that.

Then you have to measure the total length of tube, count the sticks for the number of joiners. The alternative is taking this giant tangle of string and sticks into the garden shop and saying “I want THIS much tubes.” But still, I could then lay it out over the string, and cool, water for my poor plants. On to the next guilt trip!


About Sue Boudreau

Sue Boudreau, 7 and 8th grade science teacher and still loving it after 33 years. My mission is to empower young people to use science-centered project based learning to make a difference in the world.
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