I’m trying to waste less food.

25% of perfectly good food is wasted each year in the US. (US waste more food than offshore drilling in this week’s New Scientist). It’s so much that just reducing this would remove the need for offshore drilling in the US.

Every week (or two) there are all kinds of er, slimy science projects that would actually escape from the fridge and run about the floor, teasing the dogs. Like slime mold amebas which send a signal to all the other amoebas, they point their little noses in the air and run up the gradient to form a slug together. I know, crazy. But true.

It’s never been good enough just to you know, try harder. So I’m going to be a bit more specific. I’m going to try to:

  1. Track what I throw away.
  2. Plan meals for the week and make a shopping list of 1 fewer meals than I think we’ll need (we often go out/have a snack instead of about 1 meal a week. Okay, so sometimes we have popcorn, ice cream bars or cornflakes for dinner…)
  3. Go through what is already in the house so I don’t buy a 6th bottle of cumin.
  4. Only buy what is on the list (Will keep trying.)
  5. Get over the fear of a. imminent starvation and b. that guests might feel hungry or unwelcome if I have less than double the food that we need. It’s a left-over from my grandmother who was a legendary hostess.
  6. Tracking what I throw away after the changes are in place so I can be objectively smug. Did I just write that? I mean so I can see if I made ANY progress at all.

I’m trying to model something I’m going to get my students to do – aka do any changes for the environment themselves BEFORE telling anyone else what to do! The antidote to smugness. Maybe.


About Sue Boudreau

Sue Boudreau, 7 and 8th grade science teacher and still loving it after 33 years. My mission is to empower young people to use science-centered project based learning to make a difference in the world.
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